8 Signs That Your Husband Might Go Off the Deep End

crimeAre you an ID Addict? If you know what this means, you might be! This is the tagline for the Investigation Discovery channel, which should probably be called the Murder Channel, because most of its programming is dedicated to true crime stories. I admit I watch a bit too much of these shows: Wicked Attraction, Deadly Women, Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?, and Scorned: Love Kills are some favorites.

Partly, I've always liked a good detective story. But I'm also fascinated by human dynamics -- especially the dark side of love. And sometimes that side gets very dark indeed!

Here, at least according to ID channel shows, are 8 common signs that your husband might go off the deep end. Keep in mind that wives kill their spouses in almost equal numbers, so much of this list can apply to women too. But for the sake of simplicity, I'll keep it to husbands.


Life insurance policy. If your husband has a large life insurance policy out on you -- especially one you didn't know about -- be wary.

You're pregnant. Horribly, one of the most common times a hubby offs his wife is when she's pregnant. Think Scott Peterson.

He's having an affair. This is a red flag, but if he's having an affair with a stripper or a school teacher, it's a double red flag. Why? I don't know, ask the ID channel.

He's in debt. Bad hubby often seems to be deep in debt on these shows. And if he's got a life insurance policy on you too, ooohhh, this is not good.

He's violent -- with you or others. Big red flag. Often doesn't end well. Danger, danger!

He pretends he's an authority figure. If you find out hubby is lying about being someone in a position of authority, a masculine type job -- doctor, cop, pilot, soldier, CIA agent -- this just never seems to end well.

He lies about having kids who died. Lying is always a red flag, but for some reason a lot of these sociopath hubbies said they had a kid or kids who once died -- when they didn't. Probably to get sympathy.

Custody battle. Often there seems to be a custody battle going on when one spouse decides to get rid of the other.

Do you watch true crime stories? What other signs can you think of?


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