Mysterious Male Body Language Helpfully Decoded

They say actions speak louder than words and while "they" sounds like a scary gang of Mafiosos, they're right. Actions DO speak louder than words.

And body language - the study of non-verbal communication, comprising gestures, posture, facial expression, and eye-movements? That speaks loudest of all.

So, let's get down and dirty and decode some of that body language!



What does it mean when...

He crosses his arms over his chest? He's putting up an unconscious barrier between himself and another person. If the situation is friendly, it can mean that he's thinking deeply, but if it's a more serious convo, he may be expressing opposition.

He scratches his chin or ear? It means he's probably not believing the words coming out of your mouth.

He standing near you, legs slightly apart? A dude assumes this position when he's hot for you and wants to get all down and dirty.

He tilts his head to one side? He's bored.

He lifts both his quickly eyebrows when he sees you? He's TOTALLY into you.

He gives you a half-smile? He's not being honest with you - each half of his face is telling a different story.

He's blinking rapidly while he's talking (without having something in his eye)? He's lying.

His chest and upper body are facing you? Whatever he's positioning his upper body toward is what he's considered the most important thing in the room. If it's you? AWESOME. If it's your BFF? Not so awesome.

He's giving you a long, thoughtful stare? A long stare might make you feel like he's in lovvvve with you, but it's often a seduction technique.

He touches his jeans loop, belt, or his pants pocket? He's subconsciously trying to draw your attention down to his junk.

What else do you know about body language?


Image via frakokot/Flickr

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