Will '50 Shades of Grey' Sheets Make Your Sex Life Steamier?

Fifty Shades of Grey is more popular than ever -- and MamasLatinas writer Alicia Civita has a few good ideas on how the best selling book could gain even more recognition ...

We have Gossip Girl clothes, Hunger Games eyeshadow, and True Blood drinks. Why not Fifty Shades of Grey sheets, sex toys, and paint? Yes, paint. Why not? Fifty Shades author E.L. James and her agent Val Hoskins have selected a global licensing agent for merchandise based on the best-selling trilogy.

The UK-based Caroline Mickler was chosen to represent the Fifty Shades of Grey line of products. The products will include lingerie/sleepwear to fragrances, beauty products, bedding, home furnishings, stationery, jewelry and, yes, adult products -- all aimed at women.

We are already imagining some of the items. Take a look at what we'd love to see in the lineup:

Written by Alicia Civita on MamasLatinas.com

  • Plum-colored stilettos - Chapter 13


    Image via Sam Edelman

    Need to negotiate a contract? This would be the perfect shoe to conduct business. On the comfy shoe side, a partnership with Converse would be nice. I can just see it: Fifty Shades of Grey by Converse.

  • No Vanilla Here T-Shirt


    Image via Etsy

    Send your message in a subtle, but clear message in a simple T-shirt. Like this one found by Treebaubles at Etsy.

  • A shade of pink to go with that grey


    Image via Fetish Factory

    The pink handcuffs sure make naughtiness even more fun.

  • Some fancy European lingerie ... all pale blue lace and finery for a first time


    Image via net-a-porter

    Beautiful lingerie should be the star of this collection. Some dark tones, of course, but this piece is perfect for raunchiness in the bedroom.

  • Some music should also be included, nothing like Chopin


    Image via Every Note

    Remember Mr. Grey's piano abilities? I can imagine a room wallpapered with the music of his beloved Chopin Opus 28, movement 4. Inspiring, don't you think? Maybe they should launch a classical music collection. That would be genius!

  • The perfect bed for your Playroom


    Image via Four Poster Beds

    It would be stellar if we could re-create The Playroom with ornate furniture.

  • Of course THE tie


    Image via YSL

    They didn't include male apparel in the list of possible products, but how can they not include a grey woven tie? Here's one possibility.

  • Masks, of course


    Image via Il Castoro

    What better way to add that sexy and mysterious ambiance than some masks, straight from the Venice Carnival?

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