Sex Toy Mistaken for Rare Mushroom by Very, Very Embarrassed Reporter (VIDEO)

chinese mushroomOne minute you're interviewing local residents about a rare mushroom found in a field, the next you're known as the reporter who mistook a sex toy for a fungi. It happened in a small Chinese village outside the western city of Xi'an -- a villager found a highly unusual, spongy, double-headed "mushroom" while digging a new well and called in the journalists to investigate. The reporter assigned to the case was ardent and thorough in her analysis of the mysterious shroom, describing it in one brilliantly appropriate soundbite as something "not even an 80-year-old local man has seen."

Turns out, the transcendental toadstool was actually a sex toy shaped like an artificial vagina, and the rest is viral video history.


Once the story aired, comments started flooding in alerting the news team that no, that's not a mushroom, it's a rubbery tube that men use to masturbate. Good times.

The channel issued an apology for their "uncomfortable and misleading" report, but really, there's nothing to be sorry about. It was an innocent and hilarious mistake.

If you can't giggle when a bunch of people are poking and prodding a fake vajayjay in a bucket of water wondering if it's the elusive mushroom that grants its eater longevity, then, well, what can you giggle at?



Photo via beijingcream/YouTube

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