Grandma Commits Major Wedding Faux Pas & Gets the Bride All Wet

grandma pimms
No Grandma -- not the Pimm's!
Weddings are becoming more and more casual in these modern times. Apparently we can't get enough of the barefoot-on-the-beach ceremonies. But for wedding guests, certain rules of etiquette still apply. Don't wear a white dress if you're not the bride. Don't sleep with more than one of the groomsmen. And for pity's sake, don't splash Pimm's all over the bride when you really should be tossing confetti.

Major wedding faux pas, Grandma! In this wedding video, you'll see that she broke one of these important wedding etiquette rules -- and no, it wasn't the one about not sleeping with the groomsmen. Now the bride is all wet.


(Pimm's is a sort of gin-based drink popular in England.)

Oh dear, poor Grandma. She's utterly humiliated! And so is the bride. And did you hear that bit at the very beginning? "I'm on Grandma watch. She's only had one Pimm's so far ..." Someone was not minding Grandma closely enough, apparently. Why wasn't she holding a cup of confetti like everyone else? No wonder she was confused. She was framed!

Thank heavens there was a cute young man standing nearby to comfort Grandma. But I think we all learned a valuable lesson here. Even more important than not wearing white (unless you're the bride), not sleeping with all the groomsmen, and not splashing the bride with Pimm's there is this most crucial rule: If you're on Grandma watch, better just hide the Pimm's altogether.

Have you ever committed a major wedding faux pas?


Image via darrenjnock/YouTube

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