Drinking & Cheating Could Leave You With More Than Just Guilt

condomsNeed yet another reason NOT to cheat?

If you don't die from the guilt, stress, or excitement, chances are you are going to come home with a nasty STD.

You might always carry a Trojan with you, but it's not likely you'll remember to use it. A University of Michigan study of more than 1,600 people revealed that unfaithful people are less likely to use a condom.

And not for the reasons that you think. Neglecting protection has more to do with your blood alcohol level than simply enjoying the feel of love with no glove.


The study, published in the June issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, concluded that when people have secret sexual encounters, alcohol is typically involved ... a lot of alcohol. Drugs too in many cases. That means they are not thinking as clearly and the usual precautions go out the window.

The same was not true of those who have a free pass to cheat. People in open relationships have safe sex more often, which means fewer STDs being spread around from that group.

Why the difference? I think some cheaters need liquid courage to go through with the betrayal. It's always been an excuse for why people do things they obviously shouldn't. But I have to say, this takes the definition of beer goggles to a whole new level. It doesn't just mean waking up to find an unattractive girl or guy laying next to you. Nope. The affects of that booze-fueled indiscretion could linger for a lifetime.

Do you think cheaters use being drunk as an excuse or explanation for their behavior?

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