Taylor Swift Needs to Grow Up & Stop Writing Songs About Exes

Taylor SwiftIt's finally happening! We've all been wondering when Jake Gyllenhaal would find himself on Taylor Swift's hit list, and word has it that she is, as we speak, writing a tune about Jakey. Of course, The Stir already came up with potential lyrics for this smash hit, which everyone knew was going to happen the second Jake supposedly  dumped her. Personally, I'm much more looking forward to what she has to say about cutie pie Jake than what she had to say about chronic womanizer John Mayer. What else can you expect from John?

But Jake ... he's so quiet and well-behaved. I'm telling you, it's the quiet ones you need to look out for! Seriously, though, isn't it time for Taylor to stop this babyish whining about exes?


Taylor, of course, is famous for crooning about the various men who hopped in and out of her life. It all makes ya wonder just what Taze is up to that these men all retreat so darn quickly. But just let a guy dare to not return a text message, and he's got an entire album dedicated him. (Speaking of texts, word has it this is how Jake broke things off with her. But I don't believe it! Guess we'll find out.)

Besides the usual no-name dudes she dated and crushed on, Taylor has also written about Mayer, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, and Adam Young from the band Owl City.

But I mostly want to know about Jake. First off, I think he's the most talented and best-looking of the bunch. Secondly, why'd he dump her so quickly?? Of course, we'll only hear Taylor's version, so methinks whatever happened, it will certainly all be Jake's fault.

Hey, I have absolutely nothing against using your past relationships for creative inspiration. I've done it. Pretty much anyone who pens books, blogs, poems or songs has done it. But there comes a time when people start to get a little leery about dating you knowing that there's a good chance they're going to end up raked over the coals in a song. And Taylor may have just reached that point. Taze, don't you ever want to find true love?

Rumors are swirling about who Taylor is dating now. Tim Tebow's name has popped up. As has Mark Foster from the band Foster the People. Now there is one guy Taylor needs to be careful with. He could write a bigger song about HER than she could about HIM!

Do you ever write about your exes?


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