You Have Probably Had Sex With Your Cousin

dnaThis takes the notion of kissing cousins to a whole new level.

If you are dating someone from the same country and of the same ethnic background, there is a 1 in 5 chance you are related and share a relative in common.  At least that is what a new YouTube video from quirky fact guru Michael of V Sauce explains.


Skeeved out yet? I am. But wait, it gets grosser. Geneticists say that we are, at most, the 50th cousin of very single person on the planet. If you follow your family tree back 64 generations, there is no way to escape the cross connections. Basically, the video contends we wouldn't be here without a little incest.

Of course I can see how this happened. There were probably eras in many cultures where cousins knowingly and happily married each other. That's the whole romantic plot of the mega hit Downton Abbey, afterall. I guess it just seems less icky with their fancy British accents?!

It's just hard to accept that the person you are dating in real life likely comes from the same gene pool, no matter how many steps removed. I truly believe factoids like this are the reason the word "Yuck" was created. I say we are better off never knowing certain supposed truths.

Watch the full explanation here:

 Do you buy this? Do you think we are all cousins? 

Image via ghutchis/Flickr

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