'50 Shades of Grey' Makes Us Feel Like Virgins All Over Again (VIDEO)

sexologist talks 50 Shades of GreyIt's the question we have all been asking ourselves as we make our way through the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Why? Why are we so obsessed with E.L. James' books?

How's this for an answer? You could be devouring every morsel of Christian Grey kink because it makes you feel like a virgin again. Yes, really.


If it sounds crazy to put the best-selling erotic novels and virginity in the same arena, hear me out. CafeMom Studios' own sexologist Logan Levkoff, PhD, showed up on the Today show to help Kathie Lee and Hoda understand how E.L. James' trilogy has taken women by storm.

Levkoff is the sex expert (sexpert?) who hosts Mom-Ed: In the Bedroom, and she says Fifty Shades is allowing women to revisit a time "when sex was new and exciting." It's a time when "you didn't know what was going to come next," she says.

Um, sounds like virginity to me, how about you? When you first begin having sex, you don't have to venture into BDSM to feel like you're doing something "different." At that point, everything is an adventure because you've never done anything.

Even if the book is all about kinky f---ery, the explanation is not really that much of a stretch. Anastasia Steele starts off in book one as a virgin, and the books cover her sexual awakening, albeit with a little more spanking than most of us indulge in out of the starting gate.

Regaining that heady feeling of doing something new isn't easy when you've been sexually active for decades, but infusing your sex life with something wild and kinky that you've never done before is as close as you're going to get. Hence the Fifty Shades obsession. Couples who have spent years having what Christian Grey would call "vanilla sex" get to have a whole new adventure with some BDSM.

How do you make sex feel as fresh and fun as it was in the early days? Have you tried using Fifty Shades of Grey? Check out what Logan Levkoff has to say:

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