Forget Flowers -- Guys Need a Watch if They Want to Have Sex

holding handsI'm not sure where that whole dinner and a movie cliche comes from, but it's the go-to date for everyone, isn't it?

Well turns out guys who blow big bucks on surf-n-turf and flowers may not have a better chance of getting a girl in the sack than the cheapskate who takes her out for a 20-piece nugget meal.

You see, a Women's Health sex survey of ladies in the UK has figured it all out. There is a day and time for sex -- literally. Women most want to get it on Saturday at 11 p.m.

So dudes desperate to knock boots on a Monday before sundown shouldn't be surprised if they end up wielding the sword solo ... if you know what I mean. 


Apparently we feel most frisky then. The reason? Hectic weekday family and work schedules just don't rev up our libido. (As if you didn't know that already!) Well, by Saturday night, we are more happy, relaxed, and ready for a little action.

But not everyone is buying into this Saturday night sex fest. Last year, London School of Economics scientists said that Thursday mornings were the best time for couples to burn up the sheets. The research found that sex hormones were at their peak during that time.

I say it's much simpler than all that. Besides, I know plenty of women who are into nooners, office sex, and getting freaky first thing in the morning. Plus, there is something to be said for wooing a woman. Guys should definitely stick to the flowers, fancy dinners, and the occasional piece of jewelry. Throw in some housework and you are in for the night of your life! It makes us feel pampered and appreciated and that is the real turn-on.

Do you think there is an ideal time for sex?


Images via Marina Pics/Flickr

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