15 Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

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2They Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

When you do talk to your significant other, he puts you down and makes you feel stupid.

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3You Put Them Above Everything Else

You make yourself available to your partner no matter what the personal cost - just to avoid a confrontation.

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4You Don't Want Anyone Else To Be Around Them

You no longer want to bring your significant other around your friends or family because you're afraid he will berate you and humiliate you in front of your loved ones.

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6They Don't Support You

When talking about an accomplishment - a promotion or something equally exciting - your partner sneers at you, putting you down, mocking your achievement rather than celebrating it.

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7You Feel Trapped

You feel helpless, like you're trapped in the relationship.

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9They Control Everything About Your Life

Your partner keeps a tight control on all things: money, the phone, using the car, who you see and what you do.

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10They Say It's Your Fault

If you fight back, your significant other blames you for the abusive behavior. "If you weren't so dumb, I wouldn't have to yell at you."

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11You Feel Worthless

You've begun to see yourself as worthless -- just like your partner tells you you are.

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12You'll Do Anything They Ask

You'll go out of your way to please your significant other, no matter how much you have to sacrifice. If that means staying up all night to wash the floor, so be it. It beats the "lecture."

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13They Make You Think The Rest Of The World Is The Problem

You're in complete isolation. Your partner doesn't want you around your friends or family and has convinced you that THEY are the ones who are abusive to you - not him.

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