'50 Shades of Grey'-Themed Gifts to Bring Out Your Man's Inner Christian Grey

man shavingEver since Fifty Shades of Grey blew up, women have been wishing their significant others could be just a little bit (okay, sometimes a lot) more like E.L. James' leading man, Christian Grey. Not in that they're wishing their men were totally damaged, mercurial control freaks who take their issues out in the bedroom a la Grey. (At least I would hope that's not it!)  

No, no. It has to do more with the suaveness, smoothness, and confidence (at least on the surface) of the character. The thrill-seeking aspect, directness in the bedroom, ability to command/control a situation, and the passion for a less conventional type of lovemaking are all sexy, too. The good news: Hope doesn't have to be completely lost for our non-fictional men! By getting them one or more very specific gifts, we might actually be able to make our sex lives a little 'Grey'-er ... 

  1. An iPod Home dock - To fill the room with a dramatic score for your seduction, of course.
  2. An expensive body wash - Chanel, preferably, but anything that smells clean, sensual, and above all -- "expensive," will do to get "desire unfurling deep in your belly!"
  3. A piano - So he can make you fall head over heels for him all over again by playing you melancholy compositions in the middle of the night.
  4. Highfalutin art -- or at least a painting of bell peppers Any Grey-like man's gotta have some fancypants, pricey paintings hanging on his walls!
  5. A flogger - After all, it's the first BDSM toy from the Red Room of Pain Anastasia Steele fantasized about. You can even start out small with something like this "compact sensual suede whip" from female-friendly sex toy shop Babeland.
  6. Helicopter -- either the remote kind or a flying lesson in one - The more thrills you help him seek outside of bed, the better off you'll be in it!
  7. Sailing lesson -- preferably on a catamaran - See #6.
  8. A fancy camera - Just like Ana gets her new husband on their honeymoon ... so you can see yourself through his lovin' lens.
  9. A high-end razor, Badger brush, and cup - He'll be better able to keep his face neatly shaven and give you a professional "clean-up" elsewhere, if you wish.
  10. An Audi R8. Okay, so it's really expensive, so probably not to own. But maybe just to take an adrenaline- and libido-revving test drive around the block?
  11. A grey tie ... obviously! - If you were to buy your guy just one thing from this list, this is what you would get. After all, it's multi-purpose: Good for a day at the office, a formal dinner, or, most importantly, tying you up.

Would you ever get your man any of these items to spice up your sex life? Would you want him to be more like Christian Grey?

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