Over-the-Top Hot Air Balloon Proposal Is a Real 'Shocker' (VIDEO)

hot air balloonThe latest proposal story to hit the headlines isn't one that will have you streaming happy tears down your face or make you squeal,  "Awwww!" It might actually make you gasp with horror. Reports state that a southern Indiana couple was taking a leisurely hot air balloon ride when the future groom popped the question, and the future bride said, "Yes!" So far, so good. But the balloon had landed in a patch overgrown with tall grass, so the pilot, Dallas Beall, boosted the balloon and tried to land again, and ended up hitting a power line!

Shocked by the wires and knocked out, Beall fell on the bride-to-be, giving her a shock. The future groom then gave the pilot CPR. Thankfully, the pilot and the bride both came to, were treated for burns, and neither is said to have any life-threatening injuries. Still. Crazy!

Although, I'm not that surprised to hear about a proposal turning out this way ...


After all, this story is a prime example of my theory there's simply way too much pressure these days for a wedding proposal to be a perfect, even over-the-top production. Clearly, sometimes, by trying to live up to that standard, the grand scheme can completely backfire

A few months back, my then BF (now fiance) believed that in order for us to have a fascinating proposal "story" to tell for years to come, he needed to do something completely out of the ordinary. Not to the extent of the choreographed lip-dub that has been called the "world's best proposal." But he just wanted to do something out of the ordinary, which I certainly appreciate. And yet, after his attempt to ask me at our favorite romantic "look-out" spot was foiled by a group of obnoxious teenagers, he ended up asking, "Will you marry me?" ... in bed. If it had been recorded, it would not belong on YouTube, and the series of events that lead up to the Big Q were a bit embarrassing. That doesn't make it any less special. But it did just go to show how too much pressure (partially society's fault, partially mine) can make for anticlimatic results.

Sounds like this hot air balloon couple found themselves in a similar position. Hopefully, they'll just be able to look back and laugh about the perilious situation in the moments following their happy occasion. I figure as long as the answer is "yes" and the couple is happy, in love, and ready to get hitched, even the most disastrous of proposals will never be a fail.

Thankfully, these talk show hosts seem to agree with me ...


Do you think there's too much pressure surrounding marriage proposals?


Image via skyseeker/Flickr

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