'50 Shades of Grey' Is Making Trips to the Hardware Store Super Sexy

ropeWell slap my ass and call me Sally -- there's a run on rope in New York City. The Post talked to some hardware store owners in the Big Apple and discovered that, for some retailers, the sale of rope has increased ten fold over the last six months, and they say Fifty Shades of Grey is to thank. Apparently, women are coming in asking for soft-cotton clothesline ropes that are good for clean laundry ... and getting dirty.

I bet you thought you were so sneaky, asking the nice shopkeep to kindly show you to the ropes section, but honey, he, and every other shopkeep, is on to you. You ain't buyin' no rope to hang no clothes, and everyone knows it.

But that's not necessarily a bad thing.


No need to be shy or embarrassed about making a sexy purchase since, you know, everyone and their mother are running out to buy bondage material similar to that described in Fifty Shades. Sounds like you can even ask the hardware store guy some advice -- the employees in the New York stores, at least, have some great tips on what gauge rope will work best for your, uh, needs.

When something becomes pervasive, the taboo is sort of thrown out the window. How could you be bashful about it when you're just one of hundreds of thousands of women who are doing the same thing?

I say embrace Fifty Shades' popularity and take advantage of its ubiquity. It may seem like the book's not going anywhere any time soon, but like all things, it too shall pass. So seize the day -- go into a tool shop, ask for rope, and do it with gusto. Take comfort in your anonymity as well as your conspicuousness, then get your braided cord and go home and have some fun already.


Are you embarrassed buying sex toys ... or even rope?


Photo via turbo.beagle/Flickr

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