15 Tricks for Kissing First-Date Jitters Goodbye

I doubt there's a single person who hasn't been nervous on a first date. I mean, it's like the world's scariest job interview - you know you're being judged, critiqued, and eventually, will be either get through to the next round or be ditched right out of the gate.

What's NOT to be afraid of?

Here are some easy ways to calm those first-date jitters.


1) See what you can find out about the guy BEFORE that first date - grill mutual friends if you have any, check out his social media profile ... anything to give you some insight.

2) Take what you've gathered on your fishing expedition and learn a little about it. If he's into football, read about football so you have something to talk about.

3) Keep an eye on things in the news - if the date gets really awkward, you can always start in about how you read that applesauce causes blindness (or whatever).

4) Don't feel responsible for filling any silences with chatter. If you two aren't keeping up a conversation, it isn't your job to carry it all by yourself.

5) Don't hesitate to call it off. If it's not working, if you're not hitting it off, thank him for his time and leave. It's not rude to be honest.

6) Before you go on the date, spend some time talking to him. Call him. Text him. Exchange emails. No, not all stalker-style, just getting-to-know-each-other-style.

7) Try going on dates even if you're not totally into him. I once knew a guy who didn't turn down dates easily - he used them as a learning experience. That guy? My husband.

8) Pick a place you both find comfortable. Don't go overboard and insist you go to that awesome French place that serves 27-course dinners. Because if things go awry, you're stuck across the table from him for eleventy-five hours.

9) Wear some sexy undies, not because you're planning to put out, but because wearing sexy undies means that you're going to FEEL sexier when you're on your date.

10) Drink a small (small!) glass of wine to relax. Don't go crazy, though. No one wants to go to dinner with someone who's wasted.

11) Always have an "out." Have some prearranged idea in your head so that if things are really bad or obnoxious, you "just remembered" you have to go home and "wash your cat."

12) Fake it 'til you make it. No, not orgasms - CONFIDENCE. You may not waltz into the date feeling like the queen of the world, but if you pretend you are, pretty soon you'll be able to be confident without pretending.

13) Dress comfy, not slutty. When choosing an outfit for your date, go with something that's appropriate for the venue, and just the right amount of sexy. REPEAT: NOT SLUTTY. Guys don't want to date someone they think is easy.

14) Wear your favorite earrings and perfume. A whiff of your most comforting perfume can do WONDERS for calming you when you're feeling stressed.

15) Leave the phone in your purse. Sure, you can check your email and tweet while at dinner, but that's not gonna win you ANY points with your date, even if it does help you be less nervous.

What are some other ways to calm the first-date jitters?


Image via Mike Licht/Flickr

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