Online Daters Should Skip the Profile Photo to Find Real Love

A friend of mine just recently signed up for online dating. As someone who got together with her husband in 2001, online dating was not a "thing" when I locked myself down, at least not nearly like it is now. Now, it seems everyone is doing it.

Back then, I did try it for a week, though. I met one guy and went out a few times with him. It wasn't a love match, but he is still a friend of mine to this day. The one thing I didn't do, however, is put up a photo. Crazy, no?

In fact, it was genius. My friends who online date and who are attractive say they are bombarded by requests for dates and end up on some really bad ones. Meanwhile, those who are less attractive are constantly accused of putting up old photos, lying about their looks, or not being attractive enough to be asked out. Here's a simple solution: Bag the photo.


It may seem radical, but it's kind of freeing. A man who takes the time to read a profile without a photo is the kind of man I would like to get to know. The kind of man who only wants to date me because he thinks I have a nice rack? No thanks.

There is always the chance that you won't get a guy who only dates women with photos, but hey, there is also always the chance a guy will miss an amazing woman (who also happens to be hot) because he only dates women with photos.

Personally, in my VAST one week of experience, I did find the missing photo did weed out the type of guy I wanted to weed out and what I was left with were guys I could see being friends with at the very least. Sure enough, I think the guy I met in my week of online dating is one of the coolest and smartest guys I know.

Meanwhile, my friends with more experience agree. A couple friends also skipped profile photos and had great success in finding true love and marriage. There is something about the guy who takes the time to read what you say regardless of what you look like. Plus, he is really looking at YOU, not your six-pack or big boobs or green eyes.

Obviously, attraction is a part of the deal, but assess that in person. I have never been able to tell from a photograph whether someone is really hot anyway. Chemistry and attraction are qualities that can only be measured while in someone's company.

The man I ultimately married was someone I had known all along (since I was 10), and our attraction grew from games of pool and flirtation. It wasn't just because either of us thought the other looked good in a bathing suit (though we did think that, too).

Ladies who want to find love: Try to skip the photo. And fellows: Don't overlook the lady without the photo. She may very well be hotter than anyone else in the ways that matter.

Would you ever consider going photo-free?


Image via Banalities/Flickr

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