How to Make Sex Happen When Kids Are Always Around

It's a little easier to get hot and heavy when your kids are wee. Infants stay in one place, usually in a crib behind another door. Toddlers nap a lot. But what about big kids? How do you manage to get down and dirty while you have big ones running around and destroying your house?

Here are some tips for getting busy and making the sexy time a part of your nutritious, balanced week -- even IF you have kids scampering around the house.


1) As unromantic as it sounds -- and believe me, it does -- schedule some sexy time. Maybe it won't be the spur of the moment on the kitchen floor type of romp you once enjoyed, but it keeps the romance alive.

2) Ship the kids off to a relative's for a weekend or an overnight trip. Then you can get back to getting down and dirty anywhere you want!

3) Tire the kids OUT! Take 'em to the water park, or to the park, and let them get that energy out. Just be sure to keep some of that energy in reserves for later.

4) Take the night out. Get a sitter for the night and spend the night at a local hotel (in case you need to run home for something) and get to know your partner again.

5) Whatever you do, make sure your scheduled sexin' time does NOT take place during a playdate. Because, HELLO AWKWARD.

6) Lock the door for a quickie while the kids are outside playing in the yard. Just keep moans to a minimum.

7) Join your partner in the shower while the kids are watching their morning cartoons. Not only is it a great way to start the day, it's also a nice way to sneak sex into your morning.

8) Have a lunch-break quickie. While the kids are off at school, meet your partner at home and have a different, more delicious kind of lunch.

9) Make sure to have a loud box fan or a white noise machine going in both your bedroom and theirs so your sexin' doesn't wake up the kidlets.

10) Make yourself get in the mood. If sex is important to you -- so much so that you schedule it -- it's hard to go from making lunches to getting busy. So fake it until you make it. It works wonders!

What other tips do you have for making sexy time when you have kids scampering around?


Image via emanuele spies/Flickr

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