15 Telltale Signs You're Ready to Get Married

It seems like everyone around you is gearing up for that waltz down the aisle in the poofy white dress. Is it time for YOU to start thinking on marriage? What do you want, anyway? Is your future full of white picket fences and kidlets running about in the yard?

Are you ready to get married?

Let's find out.


1) You know you stand more to gain than lose by getting married.

2) You're aware that marriage is a commitment for life -- and that doesn't terrify you.

3) You're not using marriage as a solution to your existing relationship problems.

4) You're not getting married because you want to plan a huge party and wear a pretty dress -- you want the "ever after" part.

5) You're putting more effort into your relationship than you are the wedding.

6) You and your partner agree on the fundamentals -- money, working, children, and values.

7) You accept the past as the past and do not linger over bygone hurts or insecurities -- your future is bright and it is glorious.

8) You know you're both mentally secure and emotionally healthy. You're not getting married to feel more secure, or to fill an emotional void.

9) You both know how to resolve conflicts fairly -- no withholding attention or giving the silent treatment when one of you is mad.

10) You're both prepared to disagree from time to time. The future is rosy and bright, but there will always be things that come up that test your relationship.

11) You both have a full life -- friends and family, good careers.

12) The small moments are what you enjoy most -- making the bed for your partner, doing the grocery shopping, paying bills and budgeting. They're all key components of a successful partnership.

13) You bring out the best in each other, not the worst.

14) You are each other's biggest supporters. From planting a new rose to getting to the end of a video game, it doesn't matter; you're rooting for the other to succeed.

15) You'd consider eloping. It's a great test to see if it's the marriage you want or the wedding you want. If you can picture being married alone on a beach or in a courthouse without sobbing, chances are you want the real deal.

What are some other signs you're ready for marriage?

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