Good Gifts Are a Relationship Lifesaver (No, Seriously)

giftsMay is a busy month for the people close to me because Mother’s Day and my birthday are a mere week apart. (Sorry guys! Next incarnation, I’ll be a little more considerate.) So that also means that the boyfriends over the years have had to produce a one-two punch of merrymaking which, I am well aware, is a bit of a stretch for that part of the male brain that produces creative gift ideas.  

A man would be wise to never, ever underestimate the power of a well-thought-out gift. It can save a round of silent treatment, build credit for future missteps, and thwart the imposition of those no-nookie punishments. And, in a case of the craziest extreme, it can be a lifesaver. 


Disgruntled mother of two Paige Parkerson offed the father of children earlier this month when he showed up with card and flowers in hand for Mother’s Day. In her fury over her Wal-mart gift, she stabbed the poor fella to death, then called his mother and confessed her crime. (His mama, incidentally, is the one who had taken him to get those items earlier in the day.)

Dayum. Talk about a Snapped moment.

Now, most of us with our scruples in order and a reasonable portion of chemical balance wouldn’t react so stone cold crazily or violently to what is admittedly not the most original gift ever presented but still hardly a reason to murder someone. But we’re pretty good at sniffing out an uninspired sweater or teddy bear or bouquet of roses (especially when your favorite flowers are lilies).

I’ve gotten some stuff that really touched me and made me squeal a really long awwwww! But one of the major fails can be credited to a guy who was trying to woo me when I lived in Brooklyn. In his attempt to be smooth, he bought me a—wait for it—suede halter top. That would be suede. halter. top. In brown, at that. Now, I’m not quite sure what season or temperature would call for the wearing of a suede brown halter top. Maybe a cool summer day? Or a balmy fall one? The juxtaposition of the suede fabric and the halter design confused me and ergo, scored him no cool points.

Actually, I don’t even care how much something costs. I’m so not that high-end kind of girl. But I invest some thought into my gifts—did the person say something about wanting a certain item? What’s going on in their lives that I can capitalize on to do my shopping. So it’s always nice to get that back when you pull the wrapping paper off your own presents, you know?

What’s the most thoughtful or the most dreadful gift a love interest has ever given you?

Image via Ken's Oven/Flickr

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