You'll Enjoy the Best Sex of Your Life at This 'Magic' Age

happy couple in bedJudging from just how much Fifty Shades of Grey has gotten tongues wagging lately, I'm gonna guess this could be an especially hot and horny summer for lots of ladies. But if they're not 28 years old, they still might not be having the ULTIMATE sex! According to a totally unscientific poll of 1,281 British men and women, conducted by a British sex toy company called Lovehoney, women supposedly reach their sexual prime, or enjoy their best sexual experiences, when we're two years shy of the big 3-0. And men supposedly peak at 33.

Well, as a 28-year-old woman, I can tell you what I really think about this sexy finding ...


Sounds like bunk to me! Even the conventional old wisdom that women's sexual prime is in their 30s and men reach theirs around 18 strikes me as a buncha hooey. Who's to say that a particular age is it? That's so limiting. Not to mention that you simply can't generalize about when a person is going to reach their sexual prime. It could take a man or a woman decades to get comfortable enough to experiment with certain types of sex or foreplay. Or you might discover you like something different as you mature. Who knows? 

That said, I do understand why late 20s-early 30s seems to be a "hot" age range to call out as the sexual peak for women. After having lots of carefree fun in our early 20s, we late 20-somethings are more likely to be with a monogamous partner, so there's a higher level of comfort there.

But still, to call it a "peak" or a "prime" is just plain wrong. Because that suggests it's all downhill after 28 or 35 or whatever the new prime is. Pffft! Untrue! I know or have heard of plenty of 40-somethings, 60-somethings, and hey, even the occasional octogenarian who are having the best sex of their lives. Instead of getting hung up on some mythical "prime," should all aspire to be like that. Only getting better with age!

Do you buy that there's a particular age when we reach our sexual peak?


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