Breaking News: Guys Like Their Women Dumb & Drunk

women/fluteMystery solved ladies! The reason so many intelligent women are still searching for love? Guys prefer ditzy and tipsy to smart and savvy, so says a scientific study. Groundbreaking, right? Maybe to every single person on the planet other than women.

What single lady out at a bar hasn't noticed all the guys dripping off the silly, drunk chicks. As these researchers from the University of Texas at Austin explain it, that physical vulnerability really turns men on because those women seem easier to get into the sack. Duh!


Another not-so-shocking revelation? Brainy girls aren't the only ones losing out. These guys don't want shorties and chubbies either. 

I was surprised, however, to learn that sleepiness also rated high on the attractiveness scale. So men want women who appear semi-roofied? I'm not sure what to say about that other than, "Ugh!"

Though, all hope is not lost. It seems their interest in these boozy, not-so-smart babes drops when asked about having long-term relationships with them. I guess getting busy is one thing, but the risk of having dumb kids is another.

In fact, I think as many guys grow older, their shallow, frat boy tastes evolve. Don't get me wrong, they may always like a pretty face and a bangin' bod but sexual conquests give way to something more meaningful for a lot of them. Eventually they realize the value in a mature relationship -- you know, the kind that doesn't end in walk of shame.

Do you think guys really want boozy, bubble-headed women?

Image via joebeone/Flickr

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