7 Ways to End a Sexual Dry Spell With a Bang

I don't know a couple who hasn't been through a sexual dry spell. Wait, I do, but I think she was lying about it, because, really, who hasn't been there? 

Sex may not be the most important part of a relationship, but it is important. Having a healthy sex life can be the difference between breaking up and making up (and that glorious make-up sex!).

So what happens when the well goes dry? What happens when you hit the dreaded relationship sexual dry spell?

Here are some tips to get THROUGH the sexual dry spell and into the promised land.


1) As with anything else in life, acknowledge that you have a problem. I don't mean that you have to go pointing fingers and shouting it from the rooftops, but the simple act of saying, "hey, we need to work on our sex life," can go far.

2) Make a plan of attack to jump-start your sex life and commit to it. This means that even if you're both tired after a long day, you still make time for sex.

3) Find the root of the problem and attack it. If nighttime sex is too much, try morning sex. Or pop home on your lunch break for a quickie.

4) Don't be afraid to mix things up. Take a walk on the wild side, step out of your comfort zone, and try something new. Take a chance on it! It may just pay off.

5) Be open and honest about your feelings about the dry spell with your partner. Make it a habit to use, "I feel" statements - this ensures he won't feel attacked when you bring it up.

6) Get out there and do something different. Tired of the same routines? I don't blame you! So try a change in latitude and see if that brings about a change in attitude.

7) Have fun together. Remember that life - and sex - are not such serious business. Your dry spell will end, you will get back on the same page, and in a couple of years, you'll remember how you guys got through it together.

What are some other tips to get you through a dry spell in your sex life?


Image via Guilhereme Jofili/Flickr


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