'50 Shades of Grey' Can Give You Bigger, Better Orgasms (Yes!)

fireworksHave you heard of the E.L. James novel, Fifty Shades of Grey? Ha ha ha, I'm hilarious. Of course you have. Everyone has. And if you're not currently reading it, 10 people you know are. It's just one of those books that we're going to be talking a lot about this summer as movie buzz, and our bedroom fantasies, heat up.

But has anyone stopped to consider whether Fifty is good for us? (Sure, the writing's not awesome, but that won't kill us.) According to sex therapists, reading the so-called mommy porn actually has some pretty terrific health benefits. As if you needed another reason to dive head first into Anastasia and Christian's relationship.


At its core, escaping into the book is a stress reliever. Researchers say that by nature women are more distracted than men -- work, kids, house, laundry, in-laws, friends, etc. etc. -- and taking pause to read something that might help you get in touch with your sexual side is not only great for your orgasms (yes!), but great for, like, everything else, too.

The less distracted you are in bed, the more chance you have at really enjoying yourself. It takes a lot of energy to push the to-do list out of your mind long enough to take pleasure between the sheets, so being able, thanks to Fifty, to stay focused and present is certainly a boon to any sexy time encounter.

Gynecologists have maintained for years that sexual health and wellness is linked to overall health and wellness, so come on, get reading. Overall health is the perfect excuse to fork over some cash for a book of porn. I mean, if anyone teases you about it, you can say it comes doctor recommended ... more or less.

Have you noticed better orgasms/health since cracking open the book?


Photo via SqueakyMarmot/Flickr

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