Jennifer Lopez & New Boyfriend Hang Out with Marc Anthony

Say what you like about the length of Jennifer Lopez's marriages, her divorce with Marc Anthony could teach all divorced couples a lesson in getting along. This weekend, J.Lo and Marc spent time together in Las Vegas promoting their latest TV project, and guess who was there with them? None other than J.Lo's latest squeeze, young back-up dancer Casper Smart. This didn't seem to faze Marc, who hugged, kissed and held hands with J.Lo when she wasn't hugging, kissing, and holding hands with her boyfriend. I do just love exes who can get along, especially when they have kids, such as the 4-year-old twins that Jennifer and Marc share.


Now, granted, J.Lo and Marc have more reason than most exes to want to spend time in a room together, looking like they are just the bestest of besties. For one, they have a Univision show, Q'Viva!, and a Kohl's clothing line. Neither endeavor was scuttled when the marriage was. These two are just too damn business savvy to let a little divorce get in the way of making millions.

That said, lots of exes have a financial incentive to remain on good terms, as well the incentive of having children together, and still they can't manage it. I imagine it depends on what broke up the marriage. J.Lo and Marc have both said it was nothing horrible, they just couldn't seem to make it work any longer as husband and wife. So they're joining the ranks of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis and Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson as exes who are besties. Well, maybe not quite besties, but at least they aren't clawing each other's eyes out.

Since we all know that J.Lo isn't exactly adverse to marriage, I wouldn't be surprised if we see her tying the knot yet again, this time to Casper. And there, in the front row, will be Marc, grinning from ear to ear. Maybe he'll even be best man. I'm telling you, it could happen!

Have you and your new boyfriend or girlfriend ever hung out with your ex?


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