Jessica Biel's 'Guy' Like Behavior Is Her Secret to Snagging Justin Timberlake

I'm really happy for Jessica Biel and her upcoming nuptials with longtime boyfriend Justin Timberlake. Let's face it, ol' Jess hung in there like a champ. She and Justin broke up a gazillion times on their way to the altar, and she put up with all kinds of rumors about him and other women, including Olivia Munn and Mila Kunis. But, listen, when you are thisclose to snagging an internationally famous rock star as a husband, you don't give up easily, okay?! Biel is gorgeous, and she's a talented actress (I guess? Never seen her in anything), but this is JUSTIN SEXYBACK TIMBERLAKE we're talkin' here. He can have any woman he wants. So what did Jess do to snag her man? I have the answer, sisters! And it's one you wouldn't have guessed.


Recently, Lance Bass, former 'NSync-er and self-proclaimed "like a brother" friend of Timberlake was all bragging that there's "no question" going to be at the wedding. Then he began spilling about Biel. Here's what Lance had to say. Have you got your pen ready? Take some notes, single gals:

[Jessica]'s amazing. One of the best people I know. She has always been one of the guys. She's like a best friend. It's like hanging out with a best friend.

So when Biel was working her marital magic on J.T., she didn't play hard to get, or act like a bitch, or perfect some kind of erotic sexual technique that only ladies of the evening would know (okay, maybe she did that too, but that's besides the point). What did she do to earn the title of Mrs. Sexyback? She acted like a pal. Like a guy. Like a dude. Like a bro. (Guess this explains all those Lakers games.)

Yep, even though Jess looks like some kind of squealy, girly, I-hate-spiders diva, she's really just a bro who loves her Xbox, scarfs day-old pizza, and pees standing up. Let this be a lesson to you, ladies. Put down The Rules. Pick up Maxim magazine!

Do you act like a guy with your man?

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