15 Guy Turn-Offs You Should Avoid Like the Plague

We ladies like to do a lot to turn our guys on (and our guys should, frankly, be doing the same). We wax. We shape. We work out. We dress nicely. All great, sexy turn-ons for a guy.

If we know what turns guys on, what about what's turning them off? Here's a little insight.


1) You're desperate to be in a relationship -- so desperate that you'll settle for less than you deserve.

2) Even the trash guy knows you want to get married and have babies -- doesn't matter with whom.

3) You make it clear to everyone you meet that you need to be cared for.

4) You've proposed to every guy you've ever dated -- because he could be The One!

5) You can't stop talking trash about other people -- friends, coworkers, family members, the mailman. All you ever do is complain.

6) You have a chip on your shoulder a mile wide; you've made it known to everyone that the world owes you something.

7) You're so overbearing that you don't allow your guy to hang with his friends, family, or crew.

8) You can't stop nagging the guy -- can he EVER do anything right?

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9) You complain about your weight every. single. day.

10) You're jealous of everyone in your guy's life who isn't you, and you're not afraid to say so.

11) Being too "easy." Guys shouldn't have to play detective to figure you out, but knowing that a chick is way easy? Not hot.

12) Playing dumb. No great guy is going to dig on a girl who acts like a moron. Have some self-respect, ladies!

13) You won't stop blabbing about your ex. No guy needs the endless tales of why your ex was a douche -- you're not with him anymore and if you're still talking on him? You're probably not over him.

14) Being rude to other people -- there's a fine line between being assertive and being mean.

15) Smothering the guy. No guy wants to feel like he's dating his mother. Give him some space, take some space for yourself, that's healthy in a relationship!

What are some other things that turn dudes off?


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