15 Sure Signs You're Being a Clingy, Needy Girlfriend

It happens sometimes.

We get insecure. Something trips our radar and we can't help but feel as though our guy is pulling away from us.

Problem is, the more you push your guy, trying to get closer, the farther he wants to be from you. Being an overbearing girlfriend is not sexy -- not even a little. It's one of the quickest ways to go from hot to not.

Here are some signs you might have a little bit of a clingy problem.


1) Every message on his Facebook wall from the last three weeks is from you.

2) When he doesn't text you back immediately, you begin to call him. Then his mother. Then his best friend.

3) You insist on reading his emails, texts, and IM conversations.

4) You have the urge -- and actually act on it -- to search his house, his car, and his wallet for signs that he may be unfaithful.

5) You demand that he not have any female friends -- even on Facebook.

6) You expect that every waking moment be spent together.

7) You crash guys' night out.

8) You crash all his family parties.

9) You're not TECHNICALLY his girlfriend, but you take over all of his household chores, take his laundry to the dry-cleaner, and make him lunches for work. Every day.

10) When he's not at his desk, you call the front office and demand that they page him. Just because you wanted to talk.

11) You never see your friends because you're always with your guy.

12) The very idea of not seeing your guy for a night makes you panic.

13) You're talking about weddings and baby names on Date Number Three.

14) He's become your hobby.

15) You want -- need -- his approval with everything you do in your life, from household cleaning products to the color of your toenails.

Have you ever been an overbearing girlfriend -- and what needy things were you doing?


Image via Kenrou II/Flickr

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