Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's Cannes Kiss Tells Us Everything We Need to Know

robert pattinson kristen stewartThe two kissed outside a party at Cannes.Something about the South of France must really loosen film fest goers up, because Cannes seems to be crawling with PDA-happy Hollywood lovebirds. Even a Hollywood couple who has, until recently, kept quite mum on their love lives. No, I'm not talking about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West! Those two getting cozy in front of the cameras at Cannes comes as no surprise! On the other hand, seeing Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson lock lips in public? Definitely news!

Any Twi-Hard knows the couple has kept quiet about their relationship for what feels like such a long time. Sure, we've gotten snippets here and there from "insiders" or "sources" on the scene, reporting that the two were holding hands (gasp!) or getting touchy-feely at some indie concert or in a sushi restaurant. But never before have the two been so comfortable with PDA. So I guess we can safely assume that the couple's officially, FINALLY "out"?


Yeah, it's been an irritating road for fans, who tired quite some time ago of the whole "Are they or aren't they?" game and KStew's vague responses to interviewers' prodding. But now that the cute couple is obviously being more forthcoming about their relationship, I actually don't mind that it took them so long to go public.

After all, do they owe it to anyone to be open about their romance? Hell no. And when you're a huge star, the press is so intrusive about everything in your life. Their relationship was probably one of the only things they felt they could keep confidential (to some extent) and hold dear. 

Now, though, it seems they've seen the light and know there's really no way around putting their relationship "out there." (Because it already was.) But maybe they figure they've set a strong precedent. They've sent a loud and clear message that they value their privacy as a couple, and they hope the press has gotten the hint. If it means they're more relaxed and comfortable with getting adorably mushy in public, we should all hope so too!

Are you happy KStew and RPattz are seemingly "going public" with their relationship?

Image via Splash News

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