Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy's Happiness Is More Important Than Their Marriage

bethenny and jason bethenny ever afterWith her booming Skinnygirl biz, brand new book, and adorable 2-year-old Bryn, Bethenny Frankel seems to have it all ... Outside of the fact that her marriage to Jason Hoppy has continued to be plagued with rumors of divorce. And you don't have to be a body language expert to know that in Bethenny Ever After, the two didn't seem to be getting along. (And that was months ago now!)

According to sources who have spoken with Star (so, yeah, obviously take what's about to follow with a grain of salt ...), all the bickering, full-on fighting, and general marital discord have reached a fever pitch. And despite multiple attempts to mend their marriage, the two are now reportedly talking to divorce lawyers. Bummer!


According to Star's source:

They are going to get a divorce. She has been preparing for this for a while. It's imminent.

Although you'd think she might be a bit shaken up considering how much she stands to lose in a divorce (Jason could reportedly receive over $10K per month!), the source goes on to explain that Bethenny seems as cool as a cucumber ... perhaps because she may have a new love in her life: Skinnygirl business partner Matt Hesse. Apparently they were seen at a NYC restaurant in February looking very cozy ... "literally with their arms wrapped around each other."

An insider tells Star:

Jason has said that when he is ready to officially file for divorce, he is ready to call Bethenny out on her infidelity and name Matt in the papers.

Now, okay, considering the source, we can't necessarily buy this. In fact, a friend of Bethenny's talked to HuffPo recently and said that cheating and sneaking around behind Jason's back just isn't B's style.

Regardless, if there is even a grain of truth to the divorce rumors, I guess it sounds like they both really made quite the effort to make it work. Perhaps they could have gone even further, but they've both seemed so unhappy. And no one knows what really went down behind closed doors. If their marriage has actually been as bad as it has seemed the past few months, maybe it's just better for them to cut the cord and move on ... Especially if there's no hope of making it work, and Bethenny has actually fallen for someone else. 

Would seeing them divorce be sad? Of course, especially because of Bryn. But what would be even sadder is if the two felt they had to stay together and stay absolutely miserable. Thank goodness divorce is an option, because no couple should have to live that way!

Do you think Bethenny and Jason are doomed to divorce? Do you think it's better that they call it quits or should they keep trying to make it work?


Image via Bravo

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