Tara Reid & New 60-Year-Old Boyfriend Don't Have a Chance at Real Love

tara reidTara Reid never ceases to amaze me. She was able to turn one movie and a decade of drinking into some unignorable amount of fame. The latest headline about her is that she's dating 60-year-old jeweler Fawaz Gruosi. The 36-year-old actress and her new boyfriend were partying it up on Diddy's boat at Cannes earlier this week, and Tara, not one to succumb to the standards of decorum at such a high class event, was photographed leaving the yacht party looking more than a little disheveled.

You'd think that dating someone close to twice your age would make you want to act more mature, or at least stay coherent enough to keep yourself upright in a car, but not Tara. She blazes her own trail. 


And that's fine and that's whatever, she can drink as much as she wants. Public embarrassment hasn't stopped her before, it sure as hell isn't going to stop her now.

But this new relationship, feels a little "eew", no? Who knows, maybe they're madly in love and see each other's souls when they look in each other's eyes, and maybe they're really connecting over shared interests and values, but I don't know, when I look at the pictures, I get an icky feeling. It just seems like they're using one another -- she's using him for money, he's using her for notoriety -- and there's nothing about that relationship that looks healthy.

There's nothing necessarily about Tara that looks healthy, but that's a different story.

May-December relationships can work if the couple is on the same page, but Tara's not what I would call an old soul -- she'll act 17 forever, I'm sure. And this jeweler guy doesn't strike me as someone particularly young at heart. He looks like a vaguely distinguished man who doesn't suffer fools ... most of the time.

Judging a book by its cover here, I don't think these two stand a chance at real romance. Tara will cling to his platinum rope to try and pull herself up, but by the time she reaches the top, the man will be tired of supporting her, and she'll get dropped back down to reality. And as we all know, reality bites.

Do you think Tara and this dude will last?


Photo via Splash News

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