29-Year-Old Olympic Athlete Virgin Sets a Bad Example

Lori "Lolo" Jones is an Olympic athlete whose speed is often unsurpassed on the track, but in the bedroom, she is apparently all about slowing it down. The 29-year-old told Bryant Gumbel on Real Sports that she is a virgin.

As Gawker said, the woman is smoking hot, so it's weird. But it's more than that, too. As an Olympic athlete, she sets an example for girls. So when she says that the hardest thing she has ever done in her life is to withhold sex, it isn't a great example for our girls. Additionally, why are we even discussing this? Why is a 29-year-old woman's sexual status even up for discussion?

I get that there are religious people who want to "save" sex for marriage. Like Jessica Simpson. See how well that worked out? But why do we have to hear about it?


I would bet $1,000 that the comments on this post will be some variation of, "But this is so wonderful. People should wait for sex." I am also sure many will be angry that I dared to say that sex is a vital part of life and that all women should save their "precious gift" for the man they marry. 

But I call BS. Virginity is a way to control women. Certainly, I am not suggesting that women go around having sex with everything that moves (unless they want to), but I also think the question of how many people a woman has slept with is really no one's business.

If she had slept with 100 people, I would say the same thing. No one needs to know how many people a full grown woman has been with in the bedroom.

Sex is a vital part of adult life. It's important for a woman to get to know her own body and learn about her lover's body as well. If she wants to deny herself that pleasure, then more power to her. But I would hope and expect that at 29, my daughter will be having sex. If she weren't, I would be concerned.

There is no badge of honor in virginity. I don't look at a 29-year-old virgin and think, wow, what a hero. I think, wow, what a pity that she is missing such a huge part of what makes being a responsible adult fun and interesting.

Being a virgin isn't the trait I seek in a role model.

Do you think it's weird that she told us she is a virgin?


Image via iowa_spirit_walker/Flickr

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