15 Reasons He Might Dump You

So you've finally found a great guy - your parents dig him, your friends find him adorable, and you, well, you're over the moon for him. Now you have this nagging fear that you're gonna somehow screw things up. That there will be a quick "See ya!" instead of wedding bells and the white picket fence.

What do you do?

You figure out the reasons he might ditch you and you avoid them.

Here are some reasons he might dump you.


1) You were unfaithful. Most guys can't get over it - there are rare exceptions, but usually if you cheat, it's over.

2) You don't listen to him. Women are usually chattier than dudes, so if your guy is talking, make an effort to listen to his opinions and hear him out.

3) You bring all the gory details to your family. Most guys are fairly private - especially when it comes to their love lives. And if you're using your family as a place to vent about your man, he's gonna get mighty tired of the death looks at parties with your parents.

4) You listen to your single (bitter) friends too much and then bring it home to your guy: "Well, Mary Sue says you should back off on flirting with that waitress because it's disrespectful and rude."

5) You're smothering him. Just because you're in love doesn't mean you have to spend every waking moment together - make sure you both have some time apart from each other.

6) You're too demanding about knowing where he is and what he's doing. Lighten up and relax - you're both adults.

7) You can't stop criticizing his behavior. He chews too loudly. His ring tone is annoying. Why can't he watch GOOD shows instead of crappy science fiction?

8) You can't get over the past. You've both made mistakes. Treat them as growing experiences rather than the impetus to start yet another nagging fight.

9) You put everything before him - including your pet chinchilla.

10) You can't be bothered to make time to hang out with him, making him feel neglected by you.

11) On those rare instances in which you DO hang out with him, you're distracted - more engrossed in your game of Angry Birds than in him. Way to make him feel unappreciated!

12) You can't stand his friends. Or family. And you're not afraid of telling him so!

13) You're FAR more serious about your future together than he is.

14) You're too needy. You need his constant approval of everything you do, including what color you paint your nails and what you should eat for breakfast.

15) Life changes consume him - he gets a new job, moves away, whatever. Changes in life circumstances may mean that he wants to reinvent himself.

What are some other reasons he might dump you?


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