Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Will Never Get Married (Sigh)

angelina jolieBetter check to see if you can still return those wedding gifts, everyone. Turns out Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie might not exactly be getting married anytime soon. Brad just talked about his engagement and he sounded decidedly nonchalant about the whole thing. First, he said that the engagement "made sense." Okay, Brad, flood insurance makes sense. Investing in your 401(k) makes sense. Engaged to the mother of your six children and love of your life? That requires a bit more flamboyant language, no?

Then, Brad said that he and Ange don't have a wedding date and that they are "still hoping for marriage equality in the States" before they walk down the aisle. Eh, boy. Sounds like we're going to be waiting a loooong time for the wedding of the century (sorry, Will and Kate). I mean, North Carolina alone will hold this shindig up for eternity.


In a way, you have to admire their obstinacy. There must be an awful lot of pressure on these two to tie the knot. Think about it: They've got six kids. Brad has said the kids have made it clear they want a wedding. And then you've got the usual suspects: parents and siblings and friends, all dying to make toasts at the reception. All of them going, "C'mon. Seal the deal. Nail this thing down." Blah blah blah.

But then you've got the entire world beating the marriage drum too. Fans, random strangers, people in Hollywood, writers like me. I wouldn't be surprised if Prince William picked up the phone and was all, "Yo, Brad. What the dillio? Do this thing, man." (That sounds a lot classier when said with a British accent.)

But two people should get married only when they want to. Brad and Ange should take their time or, I should say, even more time. As long as they've got everything taken care of legally, so the kids and each other are provided for in case something happens, then they should say their "I do"s when they and only they want to say them. A relationship with or without an engagement ring or a wedding ring is just as committed as one with one or both of those things. Rings do not make a commitment.

Especially for people who have been divorced -- as Ange has been twice and Brad once -- it can be nerve-wracking taking that step again. Their relationship has now been going on longer than any of their former marriages, so that tells you something about the power of mind and heart over ring and bridal gown.

That said, I'll hold on to this crystal cocktail set for you, Brad and Ange. But not for that much longer!

Do you think Brad and Ange should stop making excuses and get married already?

Image via chris_natt/ Flickr

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