Only a Crazy Woman Would Turn Down $1 Million for One Night in Bed

Kelly Brook is an absolutely gorgeous model and actress who gives new meaning to the term "curvy." She is luscious and perfect and any man would be crazy NOT to want to sleep with her. So when a wealthy tycoon offered her 1 million pounds (more than $1 million) for a night with him, no one was surprised.

She ignored his offer and moved on, but I say she is nuts. You are only young and super hot once, but $1 million can last a really long time. Brook's version of Indecent Proposal may have been less enchanting given she has plenty of cash on her own. But what if she didn't? What if she, like Demi Moore in the film, was poor and needed the cash and what she had was a gorgeous face and a perfect body?

Would that really be so wrong?


In the film, some may recall that Robert Redford (hot, rich man) offers Moore $1 million for one night, no strings attached. She and her husband hem and haw and act like fools even though they are in financial ruin and that $1 million would save their asses.

It's asinine. If a relationship can't survive one night with someone else, then it isn't good love anyway. Big deal, people! Now, obviously, I am just using Brook's "proposal" as a jumping off point. I am in no way suggesting she should take money from an odd stranger. But, in general, the notion isn't insane.

One night with a sexy stranger ought not cost a person their marriage, right?

Why do they break up? It's crazy, really. I supposed we are meant to believe that Woody Harrelson (her husband) can't handle it and is consumed by jealousy. But I know my husband would be consumed more by the feeling that we just totally scored. One night for $1 million? Jealousy schmealousy.

Seriously, what was wrong with those people? Their "true love" was pretty weak if it was that easy to break them.

Would you accept an "indecent proposal"?


Image via Gene Hunt/Flickr

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