Sex Is Better in Somebody Else's Bed

couple on beachHey, did you hear the story about the married couple who had too much sex? Of course you didn't. That's one problem married people do not have, especially the ones with kids.

Still, we all manage to squeeze in some sexy time, but not without major effort. It's not easy to go from housework (dishes, laundry, picking gum out of the carpet) to hot and bothered during the typical day.

But a new survey by promises that mind-blowing sex is just an airplane ride away.  In the poll, 69% or men and 72% of women say sex on vacation is way better than sex at home. To that, I say "Ah, Duh!" Here's why. 


It has nothing to do with sandy beaches or sun. It has everything to do with solitude -- which only happens if you are smart enough to leave the kids at home with grandma. Think about it, no one feels sexy after changing a diaper filled with runny poo. And nothing kills the mood quicker than watching a toddler pick his nose or having to play ref between two grumpy, hormonal tweens. Forgetting all those pesky parenting responsibilities for a day -- or five -- is the ultimate mommy R&R.

And with time away, I guarantee you will remember all the reasons why you fell for your man in the first place. Imagine having a conversation that has NOTHING to do with potty training, report cards, or his neglecting to take out the trash...AGAIN!

Though 15% of people did say they worried about running out of things to talk about while on vacation. My advice? Try dirty talk. If it doesn't get you in the mood, it's a least worth a few giggles. Point is, relax.

Finally there's no, 'I just worked all day, cooked dinner, washed the dishes, and did bath time' exhaustion. All that just evaporates as you lounge in a cabana a thousand miles away from real life.

Of course, reality hits you like a brick as soon as the plane lands. Adults whine more than their toddlers when that last day of vacation inevitably comes around. But going back to that exhausting, yet ultimately rewarding, family life just makes those getaways that much sweeter...and sexier.

Do you think vacation sex is better?

Image via mikebaird/Flickr

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