Mark Zuckerberg's Wedding Was His Most Brilliant Scheme Yet

priscilla chan mark zuckerberg wedding photoSo, by now you've probably heard that filthy rich Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg got married over the weekend to longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan, in what could be described as the Royal Wedding of Silicon Valley. But completely unlike the 2011 nuptials of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, there was zero lead-up and anticipation for the general public. In fact, it sounds like even their closest family and friends, who were invited to the wedding, were caught off-guard, as they were told they would be attending a soiree for Priscilla's med school graduation. Wonder if Zuck's folks even knew the real scoop ahead of time?!

And if not ... oh man do I envy these blissful newlyweds! That's right. I'm not lamenting the fact that I didn't just make bank like Zuck did on the Facebook IPO. Oh no. I am more envious of his spontaneous "I do"s!


That's because my fiance and I have just over 11 months to go of migraine after migraine stemming from wedding planning drama. Upon looking for a suitable date to set, I wanted at least a year to plan -- for various reasons unrelated to our families' propensity to be overbearing and penchant for inquiring about all matter of minutiae. Like, why aren't we registered yet? Have we thought about what kind of china we would like? And -- wait, ZOMG! -- what shape is the bridal party table going to be?! (Yes, that was seriously a question that turned into a heated debate yesterday.)

I just wanted a reasonable amount of time to get "fit to wed," establish a spread-out pre-payment plan for the reception, find a flattering dress and have it specially tailored to fit my pear-shaped 4'11" frame (which my mother once labeled an "expensive figure"), get to know the rabbi who is going to marry us, etc. Ultimately, I didn't want us to feel rushed aka stressed.

But joke's on me, because so far, I'm thinking having more time is just making for more stress! More questions, more frenetic or diva-like behavior, more miscommunications and meltdowns. Yup, wedding planning's been a real picnic for us so far.

Now, I get why Mark Zuckerberg is the most successful Millennial on the planet. Sure, that whole Facebook thing was brilliant, but planning your wedding in private, keeping it a secret, then surprising everyone after they've totally missed the opportunity to DRIVE YOU INSANE FOR A YEAR? Now, that's genius!

How did your family act while you were wedding planning? Do you wish you had made like Zuck and sprung it on them at the last minute?


Image via Allyson Magda/Splash News

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