Latest Weird Cosmetic Surgery Makes G-Spot Bigger for Better Orgasms

Most of us ladies spend a lot of time managing our lady bits. Between waxing, trimming, and shaving (so as not to appear unruly), we spend thousands of dollars and hours making sure we're in tip-top shape down there.

A couple of years ago, vajazzling -- adding glittery jewels to the bikini area -- was all the rage. A couple years before that, the Brazilian Wax was it.

The newest thing we can do to our vaginas might be a little more awesome: G-Spot amplification, otherwise known as the "G-Shot."


What makes G-Spot amplification better than the rest of the wacky things we do to our lady parts? It does more than just make them look pretty - it makes our orgasms better.

That gets MY ears perked up.

So wait, how does a G-Spot amplification work? Getting a G-Shot is actually a simple office procedure, done under local anesthesia, usually in less than 30 minutes. The doctor injects a high molecular weight hyaluronan into the G-Spot inside the vagina.

Scary-sounding, right? I mean, I don't exactly want to spread my legs so some guy can inject my G-Spot, but....this procedure is intended to temporarily enlarge the G-Spot so that we ladies can enjoy our time in between the sheets better. Results vary, but a reported study has indicated that up to 90% of women had more arousal and more satisfying sexual experiences.

Upside? If you hate the G-Shot, it lasts about four months. Downside? If you love the G-Shot, it lasts about four months.

And even if you don't end up doing it more than once, having the procedure done at all may make you more in tune to where your G-Spot actually is. I'm definitely planning to try it out. Here's hoping it makes sex that much better!

Would you try a G-Shot?

Image via Eduardo Di Castro/Flickr

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