Mark Zuckerberg Gave Priscilla Chan One Heck of a Wedding Present

Mark Zuckerberg Priscilla ChanThey say timing is everything. And now we know why Mark Zuckerberg went public with Facebook this week. He needed a really good wedding gift when he married long-time girlfriend Priscilla Chan in private. Aww!

Put it that way, and all the bad stuff we're always hearing about Zuck in the news kind of pales, doesn't it? It sounds like a pretty darn romantic gesture.


Of course Facebook officials are saying it's just coincidence. Chan was slated to graduate from medical school this week, so this week worked for her for a wedding. The date of the IPO, on the other hand, was "fluid."

Right. Fluid.

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But that's just it. Chan was graduating from the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, where she's been studying pediatrics, this week. Zuckerberg was having a birthday this week. Either one were perfect enough reasons to throw a big shindig, invite all the friends, and throw the paparazzi of the scent of a wedding (even Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg was reportedly "shocked" to show up at what she thought was a graduation party for Chan only to be told it was really a wedding).

Really, Zuckerberg and Chan had enough awesome going on in their lives, and plenty of money to blow on a decent ceremony. There was no reason to up the ante with the insanity of the biggest tech IPO ever in the same week.

But when you're marrying Mark Zuckerberg, and -- even with what we can imagine was quite the pre-nup -- you know you're getting ... everything. So what do you give to the girl who has everything?

Eh, you throw 421,233,615 shares of common stock out into the marketplace and let people start gobbling them up. Now that is a way to really up the ante on getting married, am I right? Even if it wasn't "for" her, let's face it ... Priscilla Chan is getting quite the wedding present anyway.

What did you get your significant other for your wedding?


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