Kanye West Is the Best Boyfriend Kim Kardashian Ever Had

Kim Kardashian & Kanye WestAs crazy as this may sound, Kanye West is an awesome boyfriend to Kim Kardashian.

No, hell isn't freezing over. And I understand why everyone still doubts whether this is real. Two media hungry stars now suddenly in love (or at least deep like). But Kim seems to have tapped into the pompous rapper's tender side.


I know, I know. I took bets along with everyone else. I thought after a few photo ops, this whole farce would end. But it's been three months since they stepped out as a couple and they are still going strong. Come on, Kanye even rapped about marrying the girl.

Need more proof? He's met the ENTIRE family and actually hangs out with them - willingly. They can't stop gushing about the guy. Even Khloe, who made no secret about the fact she hated Kim's ex-husband Kris Humpries, says they are an ideal match. After all, they do both love going out, shopping and - more importantly- themselves.

West even showed support for his boo while she worked...well, the Kardashian version of work, that is. He was by her side as she launched a new perfume in London and then they headed to the FiFi UK Fragrance awards together. Now that's love - at least by Hollywood's standards anyway. 

Check out this video of Kim and Kanye keeping close in London.

Are you surprised Kim and Kanye are still together?


Image via Noel Vasquez/Getty

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