Divorced Woman Calls Out Cheating Ex in Most Humiliating Way

This isn't this man's car, but apparently her idea isn't a new one!
Break-ups are awful, but divorces have to be way, way worse. When you have promised to love, honor, and commit to a person for life and that turns out to be just a few years instead, it's bound to take a toll. One woman in Minnesota took matters into her own hands when she dumped all of her ex-husband's things on their front lawn and offered them up for free.

Crazy, right? And yet, her reasons may have been justified.

According to her, he was a "cheater," which I know because she spray painted it on his car and the police can't touch her because everything she did was on her property and to her car. Take that!


Look, in the realm of crappy things we do to one another in the name of love, this is a funny one. It could have been way worse. At least it isn't evil or violent.

Evil would be if she shot her husband and his presumed lover. Evil would be if she maimed him in some way. Those are wrong. This is just cathartic for her and entertaining for us.

Since I don't know the couple, I have no way of saying whether he deserved it. Maybe she is insane and a liar, to boot. Maybe he never touched another person and just wanted to get away from her. After all, it's easy to imagine that someone who does something this angry is probably a little bit difficult to live with.

Still, if he cheated and lied and left her for a younger woman, then yeah, this is funny. She could have resorted to violence, and since she didn't, she gets an A+ in restraint from me.

Let's just hope the couple, who was married in 1997, has no children, because then it would be less amusing.

Do you think this is funny or awful?


Image via denharsh/Flickr

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