Christian Vibrators Make (Married) Sex Both Kinky AND Holy

Those who say that religion and sex cannot co-exist are missing out on the next big thing -- Christian sex toy shops. These online stores cater exclusively to "married couples" and mention this about 40 times on every page. They also contain no nudity on the packaging or the websites and some make it clear that homosexuality (and sex with hookers!) is wrong.

Still, even with all those -- ahem -- limitations, as a non-religious but happily married woman, I will say this is progress. Because heathens like me aren't the only ones who could use a little spice in their marriage.

If this helps any Christian woman discover her orgasm and improve her sex life and marriage, then whoo-hoo, all praise them! See the (hilarious) commercial below:


Jezebel ran a piece discussing the phenomenon and called it "a warped version of sex positivity." Their point is well made and certainly valid. I hate the emphasis on marriage and the anti-gay rhetoric that subtly inhabits the pages.

Personally, I would never buy sex toys from any store that says gay people are sinners or are wrong. But my guess is until these stores came along, there were a lot of sexually frustrated Christian couples.

At its core, it's a money-making venture. Let's not pretend it's REALLY about saving marriages. But good sex can do just that. So many marriages that break up ultimately do so because of sexual incompatibility.

Even those among us who aren't at all religious can love and value our marriage and appreciate that anything that married couples can do to stay together is ultimately good for the family -- and society in general.

So I say play away good Christians! Rock your sex toys for Jesus. Love your spouse and get down and dirty with him. It's holy rolling at its best!

Do you think this is "wrong"?


Image via hookinupholy/YouTube

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