Newlywed Becomes Main Suspect in Heartbreaking Marriage to Murder Case

Estrella Carrera
The husband of Estrella Carrera, the bride found fatally stabbed in her bathtub wearing the very dress she celebrated her wedding in, is now the prime suspect in her attack and has been charged with first-degree murder. But he is nowhere to be found. Evidently, he’s packed up and gone on the run from the law. Nothing says guilty panic more than going AWOL in the midst of your new wife’s murder investigation.

Now more than 30 law enforcement agencies are hot on the trail of the newlywed groom, who is believed to have killed his new wife only hours after marrying her last Friday at Chicago City Hall. Jerk. 


According to his sister, Arnoldo Jimenez called to tearfully explain that he had left Carrera bleeding after what he called a “bad fight.” Only it wasn’t a fight. And hypothetically, if it had been—even though fights involve punches and maybe kicks, not knives and stabbing—it would’ve been advantage Jimenez. Aside from that whole men-shouldn’t-hit-women thing we all learned back in pre-K, Jimenez is 6’ tall, 220 pounds heavy. That’s a big boy. And judging from the pictures, Ms. Carrera couldn’t have been more than 120 on a hefty day. So any argument that turned physical between them wouldn’t have been a fair one.

Of the two people who know what could’ve made him so white hot with anger that he allegedly took her life, one is the victim of the crime and the other is running from it. Their on-again, off-again romance was, according to family on both sides, riddled with bouts of domestic violence, fueled at least in part by his tendency to be jealous and possessive. The bride’s older sister claims he’d hit and bruised Ms. Carrera while they were still dating. A premonition of worse things to come, unfortunately. So why in the world they would’ve made the sudden decision to take their relationship to that next, ultimate level is a mystery to everybody who knew them.

But I do know this: sometimes people think getting married will make a bad situation better, especially when kids are involved. They hope it’ll provide stability, for themselves and their children, and resolve the drama and stress that plagued their unmarried relationship. But nine times out of 10, they’re making a huge mistake because those issues aren’t going away with a walk down the aisle, the recitation of some vows, and the signing of a piece of paper.

I can’t even begin to express how sorry I feel for the victim and her family, particularly her two children, one of whom was fathered by Jimenez. That makes matters even worse, to lose both parents to a devastating crime of passion. I can imagine that Carrera was excited about making it official with the man she loved and, of course, the daddy of her child. I don’t know how he went from loving her enough to marry her to being furious enough to kill her, but hopefully the family and the authorities will get some answers as soon as they get their man.

Should he be allowed to see his kids, even if he’s found guilty of killing their mother?  

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