Robert Pattinson Proves He Only Has Eyes for Kristen Stewart (VIDEO)

robert pattinson cover of french premiere magazineBy now, you've probably seen the sexy photos to come out of a recent photo shoot Robert Pattinson did with French Premiere magazine to promote his forthcoming flick, Cosmopolis, which is currently competing at Cannes. The pics are steamy, to say the least. Believe it or not, there are risque shots that didn't make it into the magazine. And there could have been more that were even hotter. That is, if RPatz hadn't been such a completely above-board kinda boyfriend!

According to a source who spoke with, the photographer had directed a topless blonde model to snake "all over his body, nibbling his earlobes, kissing his face and neck, and pressing her bare boobs against him." Apparently, Rob "did his best Blue Steel for the camera," but after a while, he got increasingly "uncomfortable."


The source explains:

Rob was really torn -- because the girl was stunning and he's a bit of a cad -- he was definitely having a really good time being half naked with a hot blonde with her boobs out, but then he seemed to get all nervous and started worrying that it was just going too far.

And then it really went too far ...

Toward the end of the shot the photographer instructed the model to lick Rob's nipples! That was the kiss of death -- Rob called cut and went in his dressing room and made a phone call.

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He actually came back to finish the shoot, so no one thought anything of it, but a few days later, the magazine was contacted and told that those raunchy pics needed to find their way to the cutting room floor. Uh-huh!

Well, I'd say KStew has reason to be pleased with her man! Okay, so he could have refused to do it altogether or pretended he hated having a gorgeous, half-naked woman all over him. But sorry, ladies, that would be like asking the impossible of any straight guy. Sounds like RPatz did the best he could given the circumstances. He made a point to preempt an upsetting situation for Kristen and protect her from having to see those photos all over newsstands and the web. It's also telling (and reassuring) that he was so nervous and uncomfortable with the whole thing. Surely, that's a sign that he's just that faithful to KStew and wouldn't want her to get upset.

Of course being that they're both complete professionals and considered two of the sexiest young stars, they realize that they're going to have to put up with this kind of incident from time to time. Kristen already is well-aware of (and has probably seen footage of) Rob's copious sex scenes in Bel Ami. But she did make a point to steer clear of the set when they filmed those, so similarly, I'd venture to guess she wouldn't want to see those pics RPatz had thrown away. What girlfriend would?

Still, the fact remains: Rob didn't have to axe these pics. But he did. And considering what a major heartthrob he is and knowing he could have his pick of gorgeous young starlets and models, this whole incident speaks even more to what a gentleman and adoring, protective boyfriend he likely is. Awww. As if we needed even more reason to love the guy!

Check out this video for more details on what happened when RPatz shut down the shoot:

Do you think this incident should earn Rob the "Boyfriend of the Year" award?

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