Your Ladyparts Could Be Preventing You From Finding True Love

bentley williams being offered a rose by ashley hebertWe may be loath to admit it, but sometimes we women just want a bad boy. How else can you explain how Bachelorette Ashley Hebert fell to her feet for two-faced suitor Bentley Williams? She may have even realized that he was seriously bad news and would end up breaking her heart, but it didn't matter. Sometimes, we find ourselves drawn to complete jerks over the nicest of guys.

But why? Why do we find ourselves not only infatuated with but actually attempting to pursue relationships with totally toxic men?! Well, scientists believe they've got the fall guy here: Our ovaries. That's right -- our reproductive parts and our fertility are making us chase Mr. Wrong.


The researchers -- from The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) College of Business -- say that in the week around when we ovulate, our ovaries release hormones that affect who we see as being potential good baby daddies. Our ovaries basically slap red rose-colored "ovulation goggles" on our faces, making us more likely to choose hotter guys over more dependable guys. (Uh, because I guess they have to be mutually exclusive? Oookay.)

They proved this by showing women online dating profiles of guys who were either sexy or reliable (again, why not both?), and then the women answered questions about how they'd expect the man to act as a dad. Women who were highly fertile and near ovulation thought the sexy dudes would fare better at fatherhood. And there you have it!

This is so wrong on so many levels. First off, it's freaky to think that this study could be misinterpeted to show that women don't have as much control over our emotions or even our decision-making as men, thanks to wacky ovulation hormones that are coursing throughout our bodies at certain times during the month and totally running the show! You know, because it's not like our brains have anything to say about who we're going to choose as a partner ...

Second, this discounts the idea that there are very real reasons women go for jerks over sweeter, more reliable men. Like try insecurity for one. And/or daddy issues. And/or fear of commitment. Paging Dr. Freud, please come back and knock some sense into these ovary-obsessed academics!

Oh well ... If research (out of a Business School, nonetheless) says our ovaries are running the show, it must be true, eh?

Have you been attracted to bad boys? Why do you think you were?


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