Jessica Simpson Needs to Tell Her Dad to Butt Out of Her Love Life

jessica simpsonJessica Simpson needs to learn how to put her foot down, if you believe anything OK! magazine has to say. The glossy celeb rag is reporting that Jess's dad, Joe Simpson, is butting into her relationship with Eric Johnson, just like he did when Jess was married to Nick Lachey. Apparently, Joe wants Eric to "mind his own business" and stay out of family affairs. Family affairs being, of course, Jessica's billion-dollar fashion line and other projects like Fashion Star and her Weight Watchers deal.

As an unabashed Newlyweds fan, I watched as Jessica and Nick came together, then grew apart, and I watched that weaselly father of hers try to nuzzle his way in where he didn't belong. Jessica may have had an excuse back then for allowing that to happen, she was only 23 after all, but now? Not so much.


Jessica's not only more wise and mature, but she's also a mother now. She's the most integral part of her own family now, and she, Eric, and baby Maxwell need to be able to form their own team separate from the prying claws of Papa Joe.

Something's always creeped me out about Joe -- I don't know if it's the highlights, the earrings, or the way he talks about his daughters -- and I don't think he knows his boundaries, which is all the more reason why Jessica needs to make them clear.

I'm not suggesting Jessica, or any woman for that matter, cut her father out of the equation once she's started her own family, but Jess's dad can't, and shouldn't, run her life anymore. It's only going to cause tension between Jess and Eric, if not between her and her dad, and the less Joe gets his hands in her relationship, the better. Making sure he knows when his input is and isn't welcome is the only solution to everyone's eventual happiness.

Well, that, and changing his hair might help things, too. I can't take a man in his 50s seriously with frosted tips.

Do you think Jessica should tell Joe to butt out?


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