John Mayer Apologizes for TMI About Exes and We Actually Feel Sorry for Him (VIDEO)

Poor John Mayer. I never thought I would say those words, but poor John Mayer. Two years ago, John gave a series of unhinged interviews, yammering on about his ex-girlfriends, most notably Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson, and even going on about how he had a "David Duke" peen (i.e. he prefers white girls). And now he seems to regret those interviews so much that he has spent the last two years in the wilds of Montana repenting his blabbermouth ways.

Well, John, we've all done it. We've all spoken a little too much about an ex, only to have it come bite us in the derriere. Whether it was blasting our ex to a friend who then went and told him or her everything, or blogging or writing about our ex, we all seem to have a desire to get our feelings about our exes out of our brains and into our mouths.


Much of this is a way of dealing with a break-up. It can be healthy. It helps us process what happened to go over the details of what led to a split. Partly, we do that so we can learn from it.

Was it not classy to tell the world that Jessica Simpson was "sexual napalm"? It was not. Was it TMI to tell everyone that you broke up with Jennifer Aniston for "life reasons"? Yup. 

But we've all had a bit too much to say sometimes. Most of us get our feelings off our chest about our exes in ways that don't come back to haunt us in quite so public a fashion, because most of us aren't celebrities. However, a great many of us are blogging right now. And it's sooooo easy to revenge blog. I myself wrote an entire memoir about my ex. And I wouldn't be the first one nor the last one to do that. There can be a deep human need to share our problems with, well, everyone.

The key is to try and not go too far. Like being overly negative about your ex. Or if you are going to be negative, and you plan on publishing your negative thoughts, it's only fair to let your ex know and give him or her a chance to respond.

Most of us regret going too far with yapping about an ex sometimes. But most of us don't go so far as to drop out of sight completely and say our mea culpas in the mountains. John sounds like he's grown up. Good for him.

Have you ever regretted talking about an ex?

Check out John's "apology" on Ellen:

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