'50 Shades of Grey' Can Inspire More Than Just Submissive Sex

fifty shades of grey coverIf you've read or are reading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, you probably fit one of two descriptions: You're totally turned-on by the love affair and S&M sex scenes between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, or you who think the book is a piece of garbage -- not only because it's so poorly written, but the sex scenes are degrading and/or not nearly as sexy as they could be.

Ladies in the latter camp, sorry, this isn't a post for you. But women who admittedly found themselves hot and bothered by Mr. Grey's seduction of Miss Steele, you'll want to listen up. Because now you can attend a Fifty Shades of Grey sex workshop! The sex toy store Babeland recently invited women to come find out "how to try out some of the scenes from the book ... discuss ways to make your fantasies a reality."

Hot! But hmm, workshops like this are not necessarily for every woman who has, as they say, "fallen under the spell of Fifty Shades of Grey." And that's okay.


Of course some women are wanting to take the next step and turn their Fifty-inspired fantasies into reality by taking a 101 course on floggers. Or learning how to make their man their Dom for a night. Surely there are ladies out there who would sign up in a heartbeat for a whole tutorial on nipple clamps! Good for all of them! But there's nothing wrong with letting the books work their magic in a genuinely passive way -- by kick-starting one's libido and leaving it at that.

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In other words, I'm sure there are many readers out there who would never in a million years try some of the sex acts described in the book. And that's completely cool! Hell, it doesn't even sound like author E.L. James herself staged these sex scenes with her beloved hubby Niall, (to whom she dedicates each book). When asked recently if she has a "Red Room of Pain" like her protagonist Christian, James responded:  

Unfortunately my house isn't big enough. I do have a spare bedroom and one of the walls is painted [red]. But actually it's full of my ironing.

Too funny! But so honest. That in itself should reassure women who aren't quite ready to turn their 50 daydreams into a real-life sexcapade. Maybe they're perfectly happy with it getting them in the mood for some solo time (as SNL joked) or oh-so wonderful "vanilla sex." Even James -- and even her sex-obsessed characters, ultimately -- would agree: There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Would you attend a Fifty Shades of Grey sex workshop or are you more into the fantasy? Has the book given your sex life a boost?

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