3 Reasons Your Sex Life Is Better Than You Think It Is

empty bedAh sex. That thing we love to do but also love to complain about -- especially if you are married or in a relationship. What is it about commitment that makes the sex sometimes become a dreaded act? Or maybe you don't dread it but for some reason that little minx the sex fairy has become extinct in your house?

Well, I'm here to give you some good news that will hopefully come with some good lovin'. I bet your sex life is way better than you think it is. And I'm here to give you three reasons why.


1. You already have someone to have sex with. This is for all those married and committed folks. One of the biggest battles in having a good sex life is actually having someone to have sex with. Do you realize how hard it is to find someone you actually want to do it with? Okay, so yeah there are millionaires offering big bucks to hot chicks to have sex with them and there also really is such a thing as beer goggles that men and women both sometimes wear, but all of that takes work and effort and sometimes even push-up bras, fake tanner, and many, many glasses of whisky. So your sex life is better because you already have the sex partner without having to go through all the nonsense it often takes to find one.

2. If you think your sex life is bad, then it will be bad. So all you need to do is stop thinking it's bad. Why are you sabotaging your orgasms anyway? Ah-ha! Okay, it's easier said than done ... sort of. But think about it: Whenever you think something will be bad or not a good time you do psych yourself out and often end up having a bad time. Don't do that with sex. Go into it thinking, OH! YES! I'm going to have a good time! Well, sort of that. Whatever positive affirmations you have that will help get you off while you get it on.

3. Because sex is sex is sex is sex. Chances are the Joneses aren't doing something completely revolutionary when it comes to sex -- meaning, you know how to have sex! Have it! Have it with love (romantic)! Have it with hate (grunty and primal)! Have it with whatever emotion is working for you but that's the key: EMOTION. Feeling. It will get the blood pumping and your libido going and you can close your eyes and fantasize and take out all the negative thoughts in your head and go to a happy place with the confidence that you are an awesome lover and your partner is sexy and hot and into you and YES! You are having a better sex life already.

Do you ever notice that when you complain about something too much then it becomes such grunt work and all the fun is sucked out of it? It's like that with sex, too? Don't you think?

Image via Ciaran McGuiggan/Flickr

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