Kristen Stewart Comes Clean About Her Relationship With Robert Pattinson (VIDEO)

kristen stewart on cover of elleYesterday, while Robert Pattinson celebrated his 26th birthday at Claridge's in London, getting A-list party on with preggers Sienna Miller and her hubby, who also happens to be RPatz's best bud, Tom Sturridge. But his rumored lady love Kristen Stewart was nowhere to be seen ... at least at one point during the party. So, of course, tongues were wagging today about her absence. Could this mean the two are on the outs? Or worse yet -- no longer an item?

Pffft! Don't make me laugh, people. This latest gossip is no proof that Robsten is no more. Especially since the June issue of Elle points to new proof of their love affair.


After being unnecessarily evasive forever, KStew dropped a serious hint about her relationship status in her cover story with the magazine. While being interviewed in a bookstore, she reached for a copy of Bel Ami by French author Guy de Maupassant and exclaimed:

Oh my God, my f-ing boyfriend just did this movie. The French, they’re up in arms that he did it.

(Yeah. Classy, huh?) And that's only one of the juicy details that emerged from KStew's interview. She also addressed the mysterious gold ring she wears on her index finger, remarking, "Everybody wants to know. Everyone already knows -- it's ridiculous." 

Hmm ... tricky, Kristen! What exactly is it that we want to know, but we already know? I'll tell you what: That they are totally together, the ring is from Rob, and she just wishes everyone would keep their noses out of their personal life. (Good luck with that, KStew.) Although, I doubt it's a wedding or engagement ring. If so, we we would definitely know that -- nothing in Hollywood stays a secret for long! But they could make it official sooner rather than later. Who knows?

One thing's for sure: Being apart for one night or even a few hours means nada. As it turns out, KStew had a junket for Snow White & the Huntsman last night, but reportedly showed up to party with her honey right afterward.

Clearly, it's time for Twi-Hards to stop fretting every time they aren't together that it means a break-up. More likely than not, their separation just has to do with their Twilight contracts!

By the way, when she wasn't dropping hints about her relationship for Elle, Kristen was modeling! Here's a cool behind-the-scenes vid from her Elle photo shoot ...

Are you surprised Robsten weren't together on RPatz's b-day? What do you make of the gold ring?

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