Jessica Biel Can't Marry Justin Timberlake Until He Dumps His 'Other Woman'

jessica biel justin timberlakeJessica Biel may have her wedding dress and jewelry picked out, but that doesn't necessarily mean she'll be saying "I do" to Justin Timberlake anytime soon -- or ever, for that matter. That is if new gossip is to be believed. According to Life & Style, Jessica Biel has had enough of feeling like she's not just marrying Justin but also his mother, Lynn Harless. An insider says, "Before they were even engaged, Jessica always felt it was a marriage of three: her, JT, and JT's mom." Eek! Doesn't sound that far off base, given how The Enquirer reported a couple months ago that Lynn was getting super-pushy with wedding plans.

Meanwhile, other reports make it like Lynn and Jess are BFFs, noting that Lynn is helping her soon-to-be DIL with "every little thing" regarding the impending nuptials. Aww. Well, that's all good -- as long as Jess can actually stand her future MIL's meddling ... If not, hooo boy! I wouldn't be surprised if these two really didn't make it down the aisle.


No woman should have to compete with her hubby's mom or worry that her mother-in-law's overbearing involvement in her son's life will constantly create friction in her marriage.

Okay, the groom's mom getting control freaky over the wedding is one thing. If I've learned anything in just the two short months I've been engaged, it's that everyone has an agenda -- especially the mothers of the bride and groom. My fiance's mom and I have definitely butt heads several times over, and yeah, it's frustrating as hell.

But the one thing keeping me sane is that my fiance has continually sided with me, defended my position, and presented a united front against any form of parental crazy (when, unfortunately, it has to come down to that). I don't doubt his devotion. And that's just one huge reason I'm reassured that we can navigate similar drama should it arise in our marriage. Unfortunately, if Jess is doubting where Justin's loyalties lie ... then they've got a serious -- not to mention chronic! -- problem.

Even with Mother's Day coming up, I've gotta say -- there comes a point in every man's life where he's gotta affirm his allegiance to his wife over his mommy. Plain and simple. It's a black and white issue 9.9 times out of 10. Otherwise, what a toxic situation! One that I could definitely see Jess running and screaming from.

Do you agree that a guy has to take his wife's side and choose her side over his mother's in order for a marriage to work?


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